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Jobs for Writers: IWOSC Jobline, Writing Work Websites

Jobline, a service that matches writers and employers, is a profitable benefit of IWOSC membership.

Members: It pays to belong to IWOSC. Prospective employers have come to respect IWOSC as a reliable source to meet their writing, editing, proofreading, and photographic needs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The IWOSC Jobline Coordinator qualifies the lead and works with the potential employer to develop a job posting.
  2. Within 24 hours, IWOSC will send out the lead to its current members.
  3. Members email the Jobline Coordinator to find out contact information for the position.
  4. Members send a brief statement and/or resume to the potential employer.
  5. If you receive a job or assignment as a result of a Jobline lead, please let us know.

If you have questions, contact our President, Flo Selfman: floself - at - aol -dot - com.

Prospective employers: IWOSC’s FREE Jobline service can help you meet your temporary or permanent needs for skilled professional writers, editors, proofreaders and photographers.

Here’s how the free service works:

  1. Send a brief description of your need(s) to Flo Selfman (floself - at - aol -dot - com).
  2. IWOSC’s Jobline coordinator will work with you to develop a Jobline lead, including job description, position criteria, payment, etc.
  3. IWOSC will distribute the lead to nearly 300 qualified members.
  4. IWOSC members who are interested in the position and meet the criteria will send a brief statement and/or a resume, responding directly to you by email.


Other Journalism Job Links

Here are some other journalism job links which IWOSC members might also want to try:

  • J-JOBS Archive
    This is an archive of J-JOBS, a weekly digest of journalism job postings on the Internet. Many of the listings in J-JOBS are culled from journalism related newsgroups and discussion lists, while others have been sent by media organizations directly to J-JOBS.

  • Jobvertise Key Word Search
    Punch in the word "writing" or some other key word--and see what you find.

  • Media Bistro
    Though many of the full-time jobs listed at this journalism site are in New York, there are also some good freelance opportunities here. Upadted frequently.

  • Sunoasis Job Listings
    Freelance jobs listings are frequently updated.

  • Telecommuting Jobs for Writers
    All these gigs presumably let you go to work without leaving the comforts of your cramped home office.

  • The Write Jobs
    This list of national jobs, with an occasional freelance opportunity thrown in, includes the date that each was posted on the Net.

  • The Writer's Place
    This is an excellent site! There's a searchable database of writer's guidelines for over 600 paying markets. Punch in "travel," for instance, and you'll find listings for several travel-related pubs, including how and where to query, and payment info.