Renew your membership

Renew your membership

If you’re already a member, you may renew here, online. Alternately, you may start your renewal on this page, then mail your check to us or pay by credit card, check, or cash at one of our Panels or Seminars. You’ll find all payment info on the next page after you submit this form.

If you joined as a Student and are still a student, you may renew as one. Renewal is $25. We will ask for verification of your school. If you are no longer a student, select the regular renewal option.

If you’re a Regular member, we have two renewal options for:

  1. You may renew your membership for $65. The renewal will date back to your expiration date. For example, if your membership expired March 1 and you renew on March 10 or June 10 or whenever, your $65 renewal is effective March 1 and your expiration date remains March 1.
  2. You may pay $85 for a new membership. The new membership would be effective when we receive your payment. Your new expiration date would then be the first day of the following month.

Renew online, then pay online, by mail, or in person

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  • Pay via credit card using PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account.
  • Pay from your PayPal balance if you maintain one.
  • Mail your check
  • Pay in person at a Panel or Seminar using cash, check, or credit card


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Want to volunteer?
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Your renewal will not become active until we receive your payment.

Just in case…
In case you’ve already submitted your application but you didn’t get to do the payment, here’s the link to that renewal payment page. Only use this link if you’ve already submitted your form.