Westside Satellite for Writers – Writing the Historical Romance Novel

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Host Robin Quinn presents author Christina Hoag.

Research is a fundamental part of writing both fiction and nonfiction, yet it is one of the most overlooked yet fascinating aspects of the craft.

Journalist-turned-novelist Christina Hoag will share her experience researching Skin of Tattoos, a crime novel set in the closed world of street gangs, as well as research she had to do to write Girl on the Brink, a novel about abusive relationships inspired by her personal experience. Christina’s message is not to be daunted by writing about the unfamiliar. The key is to write what you’re passionate about.

Always a Princess

Grammar and Punctuation Review for Writers

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Authors, do you fear making grammatical errors in writing or speaking?

Have you forgotten the writing rules you learned in school – and do they still apply?

As a writer, you might be preparing your book manuscript for publication, or maybe you’re crafting a query letter to a literary agent or a magazine editor. How about updating your author website? You might be writing promotional copy or composing a memoir.

Whatever you’re writing, are you just plain confused? Then this grammar class is the class for you. Publicist, copyeditor and IWOSC past president Flo Selfman will bring your prose up to speed.

Writers will gain grammar confidence with a review of simple rules to correct dozens of common writing errors.

Topics include…

Presented by: Flo Selfman

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