Collaborations: Writing It Right Together

Collaborations: Writing It Right Together

Monday, July 31, 2006

What are the elements that make two (or more) pens better than one? In this IWOSC Monday night program, our speakers will share their insights and experiences related to the collaborative writing experience. We’ll explore why the writers chose collaboration, how writing partners and projects are found, tips for having a productive relationship, the ways collaboration differs from going solo, how the dynamics change when more than two people are pounding out words together, and more. The legal aspects of team efforts will also be reviewed.

Award-winning writer and editor Robin Quinn moderated.


  • Irma Kalish and Naomi Gurian
    Co-Authors of “As Dead As it Gets,” a new murder mystery novel to be released in August.
    Hollywood professionals who have worked together as a television writer/producer and a labor union executive.
    Gurian is a past president of the Writers Guild.
  • Susan Golant
    Author or co-author of 30 books, teaches nonfiction book writing at UCLA Extension
  • Patricia Alexander
    Co-author of The Book of Comforts, her first collaboration, Solo writer for over 30 years
  • Matt Stephens
    Co-author of Script Partners, Screenwriter/instructor who writes about film for E! Online
  • Jonathan Kirsch
    Publishing attorney, author of Kirsch’s Handbook of Publishing Law