COLLABORATION: Writing it Right, Together

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    Monday, February 23, 2015

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Monday, February 23, 2015

What are the elements that make two (or more) pens better than one?

There are many horror stories and success stores about collaboration. We will take a look at the elements that can make two (or more) pens better than one, and how to spot the poison pens ahead of time. Even Rodgers and Hammerstein had their issues.

Several writers and an attorney will chat about their insights and stories related to collaborative writing.

We will explore:

  • The all-important legal aspects of collaboration, including ghostwriting
  • Why the writers chose collaboration; the ways collaboration differs from going solo
  • How writing partners and projects are found (and kept)
  • The ways the dynamics change when two or more people are pounding out words together
  • Approaches for bringing out and working with the strengths of each collaborator
  • Methods of coping without spilling the ink when your writing partner(s) are driving you crazy
  • Strategies for divvying up the work and dealing with revisions and feedback from collaborators
  • The perks and benefits of collaborating
  • What NOT to do, as illustrated in stories from real life
  • Estate considerations if it becomes a perennial hit.
  • And more….

Our stellar panel:

GREG MILLER is a writer, producer, writing coach, author of “How To Be A Writer Who Writes” and “Miller’s Compendium of Timeless Tools for the Modern Writer,” an encyclopedic reference book that’s Kickstarting right now! More about it and Greg at He has written film and TV projects with multiple partners and has worked collaboratively with hundreds of writers as a coach and consultant.

He’s taught at UCLA Extension, Media Bistro, Humber College, and others, was co-director of The Comedian’s Way Workshops and founding producer of Uncabaret, where he worked with a who’s who of alternative comedy writer-performers.


CLAUDIA SUZANNE. A recognized book-industry authority (and IWOSC favorite), Claudia has ghostwritten and/or edited over 130 nonfiction and fiction titles. Her books have been published by both major houses, independent publishers, and university presses. Her client titles have made bestseller lists, won literary awards and received critical acclaim, and have been optioned for film.

Claudia is the Founder and Chair of Ghostwriters Unite!, a nonprofit dedicated to professionalism, education, and community in the ghostwriting world; is the founder and Creative Partner of Wambtac Communications, the West Coast’s premiere ghostwriting service; the creator of, a unique author self-help tool; the Founder/Instructor of Ghostwriting Professional Designation Program (CCPE/CSULB), the first official ghostwriter training program of its kind in the world; and the author of “Secrets of a Ghostwriter,” the seminal textbook on ghostwriting.


MARC WANAMAKER A world expert in film history, Mark has worked in many aspects of film and television production, exhibition and research. Wanamaker is affiliated with the LA County Museum, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, USC, UCLA, the LA Public Library, Petersen Automotive Museum and more. He is past president of both Hollywood Heritage and the LA City Historical Society.

His books include; “Early Beverly Hills,” “Beverly Hills 1930-2005,” “Early Hollywood, Hollywood 1920-2007,” “Westwood,” “Griffith Park,” ”Theatres of Los Angeles,” “San Fernando Valley,” “Location Filming in Los Angeles,” “Early Warner Brothers Studio,” “Early Paramount Studio,” “Los Angeles Past and Present,” “Hollywood Past and Present.” Mark currently appears in and contributes to many television and documentary films internationally, presenting lectures and programs, writing magazine articles, and research-consulting on feature and documentary films.


PAUL S. LEVINE has practiced entertainment law for over 30 years, specializing in the representation of writers, producers, actors, directors, composers, musicians, artists, authors, photographers, galleries, publishers, developers, production companies and theatre companies in the fields of motion pictures, television, interactive multimedia, live stage, recorded music, concerts, the visual arts, publishing, and advertising.

In 1996, Mr. Levine opened the Paul S. Levine Literary Agency, specializing in the representation of book authors and the sale of motion picture and television rights in and to books. Since starting his literary agency, Mr. Levine has sold over 100 fiction and nonfiction books to at least 30 different publishers and has had many books developed as movies-for-television and feature films.

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