Erika Fabian’s “The Secret to Storytelling Photography”

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Erika Fabian’s “The Secret to Storytelling Photography”

Saturday, February 21, 2015 

Everyone takes pictures these days, with cellphones, tablets, and cameras of all sizes and capabilities. But are they pictures or snapshots? If you hope to illustrate your story with photos, or sell photos from your travels, the three simple principles of professional photography that you will learn during Erika Fabian’s presentation will help you to do so. Based on years of worldwide assignments using the techniques of National Geographic photography, Erika Fabian will show and tell:

  • How to clearly define why you are taking the picture
  • How to define the “real” subject of your picture,
  • How to compose it in the lens (not on the computer),
  • How to use available light to best affect, and
  • How to take people pictures that look “un-posed.”

Every story has a structure, and the same goes for pictures. Every picture should tell a story. And the right pictures together can make a “picture story.” You can create a saleable picture story in five or twenty-five photos, provided you know how. Erika’s presentation will show you how it’s done.

Our Presenter:

A versatile writer/photographer, Erika Fabian has had twenty-three books and nearly two hundred photo-illustrated articles published. Her varied career includes many years of travel on assignment for National Geographic Magazine and other publishers. When not on the road, Erika Fabian taught photography at UCLA Extension for over 20 years. She was awarded “Best Instructor of the Year” from the Visual Arts Department at UCLA.

Erika’s early career was in theater, with a BA from Northwestern U. and an MFA from UCLA. She received a Best Director of the Year award from Northwestern University, had her own acting studio, The Actors Lab, in San Francisco, taught acting and directing at the University of San Francisco, and at the Universidad de San Marcos in Mexico City. Her comedy, The Man in Her Closet, was produced in LA with great success.

Currently, she is at work on a novel and a play, as well as editing a book for a client.