Everything Web: An Evolving Medium

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Our electronic world is unfolding daily, with the Web at the forefront of its evolutionary fluctuations. We have leaped in capabilities from Pong to Wii, much like the elevator lifted us off the staircase. Consequently, our current technology presents a vast array of marketing tools, communication tools, and fun stuff, much of which is inexpensive, just plain free, and yet daunting. Simple code has given way to complex social applications, blog applications, media inventions, as well as sweeping changes in writing and its re-defined place in the world. How do you fit in?

Our panel will discuss the newest applications, how they are used, abused, and how to simplify their execution. Once you have more or less mastered WEB 101 (which we will present in seminar on Saturday, February 19), you would be well advised to stay current by upgrading and expanding your applications and hardware. Our experts will guide you through this process.

Our panelists:

Cliff Allen has been helping companies with their Internet marketing since 1992.  He is the CEO of SureToMeet.com, an online meeting and event registration system. Cliff began his computer industry career in 1973 when he left the broadcast industry to start his own software company serving the advertising industry. He later established a high-tech advertising and public relations agency.

In 1995 his company developed a line of Web personalization products that helps online marketers tailor Web content to the needs and interests of their customers. Cliff has co-authored three books about Internet marketing, the latest being “One-to-One Web Marketing,” published by John Wiley & Sons.

Today, his team is helping groups and organizations grow attendance at their events and meetings by using SureToMeet.com.

Steven Sanchez is the founder and CEO of INEXUS.COM, a Los Angeles-based firm that consults, builds and promotes Internet business solutions. For the past 18 years, he has worked with leading companies in industries such as travel, health and racing to create web sites that work for both business and consumers. Steven has helped companies both large and small start their web businesses and publish online. He has also served as technical editor on bestsellers such as “Homepage Usability and “Web Design on a Shoestring.”

He enjoys photography, travel, sailing and scuba diving. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and four children and is, of course, writing his next book about starting and growing a profitable website business.

Gary Young 
worked with Jean Kennedy Smith as a coordinator for the National Very Special Arts Festival. His plays have been produced at the Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, the White House, the Smithsonian, and throughout the US and Europe. His one-person play, “ON HOLD: The MYTH of Male Maturity,” premiered in England and he will perform the show in LA, “soonish,” with a companion book, “The Immature Male Handbook.” His book, “LOSS AND FOUND: Surviving the Loss of a Partner,” co-written by his wife, Kathy, is used in colleges throughout the country. Gary has been IWOSC’s Director of Professional Development, creating and producing our acclaimed programs for several years. He is the President of the Publishers Association of Los Angeles (PALA), Executive Director of the Lifetime Achievement Foundation, and a Vice-Chair of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP). His newest book, “Social Networking for the Anti-Social,” will be published soon.