Self-Publishing: Making Your Mark

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Self-Publishing: Making Your Mark

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Self-publishing is finally getting some respect, especially in this age of hard times for mainstream publishers. There are many good reasons to consider self-publishing, whether as a traditional book, an electronic book, an audio book, a print-on-demand book, a large-print book, or all of the above. Self-publishing cuts much of the wait time, places you in charge of a greater percentage of profits, allows “free” books if you speak for a group, and gives you greater flexibility for other sales generated by the book.

There are also downsides, such as the investment of time and money, and the learning curve. All of that can be managed, and the choice is yours. But you do need to know what to do, how to do it efficiently, and especially when to do it.

Our seminar experts will help you through that process.

Seminar Leaders:

  • REG GREEN is the father of Nicholas Green, a seven-year-old California boy who was shot in Italy in a botched robbery in 1994. The decision by Reg and his wife, Maggie, to donate their son’s organs and corneas led to a worldwide increase in awareness of the shortage of donors. As a result, thousands of people are alive who would have died. As part of their campaign, Reg, a former journalist, has written two books on organ transplantation, “The Gift that Heals,” self-published through AuthorHouse, and “The Nicholas Effect.”The Greens have produced a series of ground-breaking documentaries, been interviewed by the media around the world, and written numerous articles. They also worked closely with the production team on a made-for-television movie, “Nicholas’ Gift,” starring Jamie Lee Curtis.


  • CLIFF CARLE, an editor and publishing consultant, has been called “a great Zen Master of words” for his ability to work wonders with rough text. Under his guidance, projects deemed “unmarketable” have been transformed into moneymakers.
    During his 20 years as the editorial director for an L.A. based publisher; plus the last seven years working freelance, Cliff has edited over 300 fiction and non-fiction books, placed with over 20 publishers including Hay House, Rodale, and McGraw Hill.

    Carle helps first-time and veteran authors develop and fine-tune their books not only for literary merit, but for their marketing aspects, including title, subtitle, style, organization, and, ultimately, the “pitch” to publishers. He has the ability to bring out the best in a writer by clearly articulating what is needed to make a good manuscript great.

    His clients have included TV and newspaper journalists, film and television producers and directors, best-selling authors, and medical professionals.