The End of the Music World As We Know It (and what to do about it!)

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The death of the music industry has been widely reported, but what’s the truth for writers? With the cutbacks at newspapers and other paper-based publications, both music writers and promoters have had to look for new venues for their work—on the internet and elsewhere.

Moderated by James E. Fowler, panel members will discuss what’s out there, what’s not, what works, and what doesn’t.

Participants include:

CASEY DOLAN, former pop music writer at the “Los Angeles Times” and current contributor to the blog “International Review of Music.”

SCOTT YANOW, jazz writer and the author of several books, who now writes his own blog.

DENISE SULLIVAN, a pop music journalist and the author of several books, contributor to “Crawdaddy,” “Spinner,” and other sites.

MARGARET WAPPLER, editor-writer of the “Pop and Hiss” pop music blog at

Moderator JAMES E. FOWLER, also known to his music fans as “Sleepy James,” was a professional musician for more than 20 years. He quit performing music gigs in 1984 and returned to college for a journalism degree. While in school, he started his own video production company. After he graduated in 1987, he also worked at KCET-TV as the producer of a local daily newscast, “7:30.” In 1990, he began at the Los Angeles Times and stayed there until the “Great Downsizing of 2008.” Fowler wrote a weekly pop music column in the paper’s Valley Edition from 1995-98, and contributed more than 700 articles and columns in total over the years.