Westside Satellite for Writers – Identity as an Act of Courage: A Writing and Storytelling Interview & Workshop

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    Saturday, July 27, 2024 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
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    Jul 26, 2024 at 12:00 pm
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On Zoom, Terrie Silverman – a talented LA writing coach, writer, solo performer, director, dramaturg, and founder of Creative Rites Workshops & Coaching.

Event Description

For our July Westside Satellite, we feature Terrie Silverman – a talented LA writing coach, writer, solo performer, director, dramaturg, and founder of Creative Rites Workshops & Coaching.

In the first half of the Westside Satellite meeting, host Robin Quinn will chat with Terrie about her development as a writer, poet, and performer of unique and memorable solo works. These include Carole’s Mouth (a nod to musician Carole King), Tub: A Comedy about Soaking in What You Need, and On Trial for a Self-Hate Crime: A Comedy about Truth, Justice & Neurosis.

In the second half, Terrie will lead a workshop to inspire participants to explore their identities, which will spark ideas and generate stories.

Workshop Description

Who we are has everything to do with what we value, where we come from, and where we call home. This workshop will explore the connections between home, identity, and the courage to be who you are. Using oral storytelling and writing exercises, you’ll get to investigate what makes you (or your character) fascinating and unique.

The presentation and exercises will help you:

  • Use identity to generate stories as well as themes that you’re drawn to write about
  • Mine your personal history
  • Investigate how identity informs your (or your character’s) point of view
  • Use the power of oral storytelling to enliven and enrich your writing

Terrie has always been interested in identity in her work, and she helps clients mine their identity, since it’s an effective tool for story and character development. This workshop will be helpful for writers working on solo shows, personal essays, memoirs, as well as fictional works.

During registration and at the meeting (as time permits), you will have opportunities to present questions about the topic or your related works in progress. Sharing your writing at the workshop is encouraged but voluntary.

Terrie Silverman

Guest Speaker, Terrie Silverman, MFA, founded Creative Rites for Writing, Performance & Creative Expression 24 years ago. She teaches writing and performance to groups and individuals, including how to release your inner critic, access your authentic voice, and craft captivating stories. Terrie also offers a Solo-Show Master Class and has helped develop and direct a number of award-winning solo shows. She’s facilitated workshops for groups and organizations including the L.A. Cultural Affairs Department, MOCA, SAG-AFTRA, and the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival. Terrie is an acclaimed Storyteller and Performer of outstanding one-woman shows, and the host and producer of Gorgeous Stories, one of the longest-running storytelling shows – 24 years and counting.

Robin Quinn, Host

Host, IWOSC Westside Satellite, Robin Quinn is a long-time, active IWOSC member, a new Director at Large of the Writers & Publishers Network (WPN), and an LA book coach and editor. Robin’s editorial projects include the solo woman play, Re-Inventing Me, by Esther Pearlman (featured in SoloFest 2023), actress Julie Newmar’s forthcoming autobiography, and Jason W. Park, PhD’s memoir, Bliss + Blues = Bipolar. Beyond true life stories, Robin also works with self-help, health, and spirituality, including the just-released title Enlivening Consciousness, by Elisa Beth Haransky-Beck, OD. In December 2020, she won an Irwin Award for the Best Media Kit on Mark Kingston Levin’s 30th Century sci-fi trilogy. www.writingandediting.biz/

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