Word Processing Prowess: Easy tricks and hints

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Presented by Deborah Shadovitz, who wrote the book!

Saturday, February 20, 2016
10:30 am to 1:00 p.m.

Have you ever felt that Word Processing is actually harder than writing by hand or type writing? Do you use Word or another word processor and love it — except when you end up with weird page breaks or make one tiny change and end up with rivers of white instead of columns? Are you frustrated when you edit a word and actually lose the word. Do you “get by” in Word or your writing app, but know you could be more efficient?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions or possibly have other frustrations or questions, please do yourself the favor of coming to this seminar and learning how word processing can make you a superhero-strength writer.

But there’s more to the power of word processing than knowing the mechanics. The word processing app you use on your computer is not just typewriter on a computer. It can actually help you formulate and organize your ideas.

No matter how well you get by in your computer’s writing program, chances are great that you’ll leave this seminar with more word processing power and time-saving efficiency.

Deborah Shadovitz, seminar presenter
Deborah Shadovitz, seminar presenter

Our presenter: Deborah Shadovitz

DEBORAH SHADOVITZ has been teaching and writing about using a computer efficiently since the dawn of the 90’s.

She penned many a book including Clarisworks Office for Dummies, Appleworks for Dummies, the Macworld Office 98 Bible and the Adobe GoLive Bible and contributed key chapters to many other Mac, writing, and web books. She was a Contributing Editor at MacAddict magazine and was called upon to write for Macworld and PC World magazines as well as every other major Mac or design magazine.

As a speaker at Macworld Expo, Internet World and other trade shows and events she was always well-received as a dynamic speaker.

Deborah has been solving people’s ”why does my page do this” queries since 1989 and has often helped exasperated people who felt the computer was not a time-saver at all. We are happy to have finally landed her to teach her fellow LA writers. She will teach us how to save time and end frustration. What you learn can be used on any version of Microsoft Word and with other word processing apps as well.

You can learn more about Deborah at Shadovitz.com or TalesOfTravelAndTech.com.