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Wordpress For Writers
with Steven Sanchez

Saturday, July 18, 2015

WordPress! You’ve heard and keep hearing the name. “THE way you should set up your website.” “THE way Google will better rank your website.” “THE #1 choice people are using to get their message, their writing, out to the world.”

Maybe you’ve heard that it can be difficult. Maybe you’ve even tried to use it and got stuck. Maybe you reasoned, “That’s fine for someone else, but I’ll stick to what I have.”

Maybe you should check it out again … just in case. Or maybe you should find out what a veteran website developer and writer wants to share with you to help you reach more people with your writing.

Did you know these OUTSTANDING statistics?

  • 23% of ALL websites globally use WordPress
  • 50,000 new WordPress websites are added EVERY DAY
  • 555 MILLION posts were published on WordPress sites just LAST YEAR

So what do all those website owners know that you don’t? Can they all be that tech-savvy? Maybe you should take another look?

Would you like to know:
· What’s absolutely ESSENTIAL to include in your website?
· What’s new with WordPress that has everyone so excited?
· How can you set up a complete website with WordPress without spending a fortune?
· How can you completely freshen or change the look of your site without having to touch every page?
· How can you do things like link to your book on Amazon, include a YouTube video or Facebook post, or add new capabilities to your website without knowing how to program?
· How can get your website noticed by Google?
· What are the best plugins you could be using for free?
· And much, much more!

Invest a few hours of your time to learn something new that can make your life easier, save you money and improve your presence to the world.

About our Presenter

STEVEN SANCHEZ is an international bestselling author who helps writers build the right platforms for their unique opportunities. For over 20 years he developed and managed integrated Web marketing solutions for industry-leading companies. Now he recommends WordPress as THE solution for nearly ALL websites. Steven has conducted numerous workshops on all aspects of Internet marketing, from social media management to website development. He has also contributed to several bestselling books on business success, homepage usability, and designing a website on a shoestring. Steven is currently working on several books for writers, as well as developing WordPressforWriters.com to help smarter writers develop their platforms, connect with their audience, and sell more books.