Writing Spiritual Topics – health and healing, self-awareness and empowerment, the essence of love, dealing with loss, and more

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It’s an evolving trend – humankind’s search for fundamental truths by moving beyond conventional wisdom to ask the questions behind the questions, seeking the answers behind the answers. And consequently, as our personal quests draw more attention within the popular culture, an expanding group of smart thinkers are responding to our call by offering public lectures, structured lessons and a myriad of books. The more popular publications in this arena have risen to the top of the best-seller lists, such as: The “Chicken Soup” series, “A Course in Miracles,” “The Secret,” “The Last Lecture,” “The Power of Now,” “The Science of God,” “Life after Death,” “Healing through Faith,” “Law of Attraction,” and many more.

But how wide and differentiated IS the current market for New Age books and articles? If you choose to write about spiritual topics, what are the most constructive ways to focus your message and then stage yourself as an authority and lecturer? How do you define your platform and handle criticism of your message? And most important, why write a book of this nature to begin with?

Our panel will discuss these questions and more by expressing their reasons for tackling such a provocative literary journey and what they’ve learned along the way. Come and join this sharing of ideas and experience.

Our panelists:

DEE WALLACE has worked for over 100 film directors, including Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Wes Craven, Joe Dante, Stephen King, Rob Zombie, and Blake Edwards, and is notably remembered for her starring role in “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.” Ms. Wallace appears in the new Harrison Ford film, “Extraordinary Measures.” Recent television credits include “Sons and Daughters,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Cold Case,” “Without a Trace,” and “Ghost Whisperer.”

Ms. Wallace has written three books devoted to the art of self-healing: “Conscious Creation,” “The Big E,” and “The Spiritual Lessons of An Actor’s Journey.” Her call-in radio shows air worldwide. She conducts teaching seminars through the United States, as well monthly workshops about the healing techniques outlined in her books. She also facilitates private healing sessions in the Los Angeles area.

Wallace’s Law of Attraction radio show is every other Thursday at loaradionetwork.com/dee-wallace.html. Also see officialdeewallace.com.

RICHARD JELUSICH, Ph.D., has been teaching, giving lectures, workshops, and private sessions for over 20 years. He served as Dean of Administration and Core Faculty at the California Institute for Human Science, and currently holds a chair on the Board of Directors, continuing as part of the core faculty. Having earned a Ph.D. in Human Science, Jelusich researches the properties of light and sound and the blending of metaphysics and science. He is also an “intuitive” and energy worker, able to perceive how “soul-quality” infuses itself into our waking personality. Dr. Jelusich’s goals are simple: to de-mystify metaphysics, and also to heal and help self-empower individuals on multiple levels.

TODD J. LYON, M. D., graduated from New York University School of Medicine and is a Board Certified Family Physician specializing in mind/body healing. Skilled in the use of hypnosis, Dr. Lyon helps his patients deal with chronic pain. He also leads workshops about physical/emotional state management, grieving, our body’s expression of internal/unconscious experiences, and therapeutic hypnosis. He has a particular interest in somatic awareness as a tool for healing and spiritual transformation. His book, “The Holding Sky of Awareness,” is a collection of essays and metaphors explaining how we can reach states of joy by tempering our egos.

MONY VITAL, Ph.D., is the director and creator of Vital Energetic Balancing, a program designed to raise life force, balance frequencies, and evaluate energy blockages within the physical matrix. Dr. Vital’s program combines the science of quantum mechanics with spiritual perspectives and insight. Using sound frequency technology, Vital Balancing provides in-home bio-energy balancing via one’s own personal computer. In addition, Mony Vital is author of “Ageless Living; Freedom from the Culture of Death.” Through his book and programs, Dr. Vital provides the information you need to create effective life changes.

GEMINI ADAMS has written three books, eight e-books and hundreds of articles for magazines such as: “Women’s Health,” “Red,” and “Live It Natural.” As an Amazon bestselling author, Ms. Adams is also the recipient of the National Best Book Award 2009, and the Winston Churchill Fellowship 2006. Her books have been published worldwide by Duncan Baird and Sterling, and have been translated into Spanish by Random House. She has also self-published, self-publicized and gained coverage on 50+ radio and TV shows. In the role of Book Midwife, her mission is to help other budding authors get their work finished and published. She is also a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

ELAINE WILKES, Ph.D., N.C., M.A., LEED, is the Hay House author of the book, “Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight.” It was awarded a rare star of recommendation from Publisher’s Weekly. She will share her experience of working with Hay House publishers. Wilkes combines her Ph.D. in naturopathy, a master’s degree in psychology, her nutrition degree, and a LEED™ accreditation. She writes and speaks on how nature has the answers to the issues that you and society are facing. She has a private practice as a wellness counselor/motivator, and teaches a method for passing the LEED™ exam. See ElaineWilkes.com.