Going Green: Writing About, and For, the Environment

Going Green: Writing About, and For, the Environment

Monday, June 25, 2007

Green Journalism and Green Marketing are going global, especially in the wake of the Oscar win for Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth.” Our panel of experts will tell you how to tap into this marketplace, and how to turn hard-core science into readable, layman’s English.

Please join Eco-author Sophie Heyman-Uliano and green documentarians Ty Carlisle and Zach Jordan, along with other media panelists, as they discuss such topics as sustainability, green lifestyles and environmental issues — and how they have each developed a niche-writing marketplace in the green arena.

Green guru Sophie Heyman-Uliano is an author, yoga teacher, and actress based in Los Angeles. Heyman-Uliano teaches women about yoga, nutrition, and meditation. Previously, she was a theatre and television actress in England, performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company and in London’s West End and in numerous British TV shows.

Five years ago, Heyman-Uliano developed a passionate interest in environmental issues, and radically transformed her life. She designed a lifestyle that was stylish and fun but also “green.” Living in Hollywood and teaching many celebrities, she knew that women wouldn’t compromise on their glamour and style, so she developed a lifestyle that jived with the “Hollywood” scene and yet was still environmentally friendly. The result was the soon-to-be-published book “Gorgeously Green,” an eight-week guide for women that shows them how to live an eco-friendly life with fun, sophistication, and style. Heyman-Uliano also writes a “Gorgeously Green” column for the Larchmont Chronicle.

Producer Ty Carlisle of Prairie Starfish/Talking Evolution Productions has always considered himself to be an environmental/political filmmaker.  The age-old science vs. religion issue came up in Carlisle’s first feature film; the documentary “Flock of Dodos: the Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus,” which can be seen right now on Showtime. Carlisle is also the producer of over 30 short films; most notably “Shifting Baselines in the Surf,” which played to standing ovations at a number of environmental film festivals such as LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). He also produced the controversial environmental satire “The Tiny Fish PSA,” which after three years is still on view nationally on cable and local broadcast stations.

Zach Jordan is a producer for Videojug.com, the world’s first and largest video encyclopedia, where he produces segments on the environment and future technologies.  Most recently, some of his work may be seen as part of the “MSN Live Earth” project.  Prior to becoming involved with Videojug.com, Jordan worked as an independent filmmaker, writing and producing web-based content for multimedia companies and an array of stand up comics and performers hip to the power of Internet marketing and podcasting.  Jordan will return to Tanzania in August of 2007 to finish shooting his high-definition documentary “Carpe Kilimanjaro.”


The panel moderator Julio Moran is an experienced journalist and teacher, and serves as executive director of CCNMA: Latino Journalists of California. Moran was a reporter for 14 years with the Los Angeles Times, where he was part of a team of reporters who won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Meritorious Public Service for a series on Latinos in Southern California. A Los Angeles native, Moran has taught journalism at USC since 1998 and at Cal State Northridge since 2005.