Grant Writing: Harvesting Generosity

Grant Writing: Harvesting Generosity

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Grant writing is truly satisfying work for a writer, but it has a reputation for being a stodgy, bureaucratic form. But during the course of IWOSC’s November Saturday Seminar, Kim Zanti, who has spent two decades in the fundraising, business communications, corporate identity, and public relations sectors, hopes to dispel that notion!

In truth, your well-thought, persuasive and passionate words, sent to carefully-evaluated foundations and/or other funding sources, can result in children being educated, affordable housing being constructed, or an arts program being established. While you are earning money as a writer, you are also bringing hope to people and help to organizations in need.

This IWOSC-sponsored grant writing seminar offers writers enough information to pursue freelance (or permanent) employment with non-profit organizations. The seminar will cover writing grants, letters of inquiry and annual appeal letters. A broad overview of how funding in the non-profit arena operates is followed by specific ways in which a writer can earn steady, substantial income while helping organizations meet their fundraising goals. Informative hand-outs will be given to attendees. The two-hour session (with 15-minute break) will be followed by a half-hour Q & A.

Zanti has 20 years experience in communications in the non-profit and corporate sectors. She has developed and managed successful strategies in fundraising, public and media relations, marketing, employee communications and corporate identity. Currently, she works as a freelance writer, helping several non-profits in California and Arizona to achieve their fundraising goals. Recently, Zanti served as Managing Director of the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, California where she restructured the theater’s administrative systems, reinvigorated the fundraising efforts and established relationships with individuals, foundations and government agencies. Previously, Zanti served as Vice President of Marketing and Communications at a leading corporate identity consultancy in San Diego, California. She has also crafted key marketing messages and developed sales strategies for the medical products division of W.L. Gore & Associates (makers of Gore-Tex products worldwide), a Fortune 500 company. Zanti is a graduate of the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Arts Leadership Initiative for Arts Administrators (2006) and holds a BS degree in Psychology