Legally Speaking – The Law and the Writer

Legally Speaking – The Law and the Writer
Presented by Ivan Hoffman

Saturday, August 19, 2006

If you are an author, writer or publisher of any sort, whether of books, via the Internet, games, or any other kind of publisher, intellectual property laws affect you very directly.

Indeed, you are in the intellectual property rights business even though your product or service may be a book or other format.

Knowing your rights and obligations when it comes to the complexity of intellectual property law is thus essential. Instructor Ivan Hoffman is a lawyer and copyright expert who teaches in plain English and from an entrepreneurial point of view.

This seminar is designed to give an overview of the laws of copyright, trademark, contracts, and other issues related to publishing and writing. It includes information on how those laws and issues have been impacted and modified by the Internet, as well as the business and entrepreneurship issues related to writing and publishing.

Ivan Hoffman is a publishing, copyright, Internet, trademark, and music law attorney, practicing for over 31 years. He practices in the Los Angeles area. His website,, has already won eight Prestigious Web Site Awards for the hundreds of articles posted on the site dealing with law.