Past Events 2020

Set Yourself Up for Writing Success: D*E*B METHOD® Goal Setting

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Is 2020 the year you are going to finish your novel or screenplay, get an agent, or step up your marketing?

Join goal coach and project catalyst Debra Eckerling, author of Your Goal Guide, for our first IWOSC Writers Workshop of 2020.

Whether you are a author trying to figure out what to do with your draft, a blogger trying to showcase your expertise, or a veteran writer pondering what’s next, the The DEB® is the roadmap you need to figure out what you want and how to get it.

DEB stands for Determine Your Mission, Explore Your Options, Brainstorm Your Path.

Presented by: Debra Eckerling

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Debra Eckerling

Dmitriy Velin

The Business and Taxes of Writing

Monday, January 27, 2020

To kick off the new year of 2020, IWOSC/PALA is presenting a program to deal with taxes, starring a top Los Angeles area CPA and an attorney, to give advice on conducting our business as writers and publishers. And this year, California writers have a lot more on their plates than merely planning for their annual appointment with the IRS in April.

Moderator: Telly Davidson
Dmitriy Veli
Michael S. Klein

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Members-only Brainstorming Session January 2020

Members-only Brainstorming Session
Thursday, January 23, 2020

  • Want some feedback on potential titles for your next book?
  • Need help with finding a distributor?
  • Have an opinion about a potential cover design?
  • Not sure if you should spend money on exhibiting at an upcoming trade show?

YOUR questions can be answered at the next Brainstorming meeting.
Bring your books, cover design drafts, marketing ideas, requests for referrals, and anything else related to publishing and get answers from the other members in our group. Take advantage of the collective wisdom of your fellow publishers and publishing colleagues.

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