Life’s A Pitch: Preparing to Pitch Your Ideas to TV and Film Producers

Life’s A Pitch: Preparing to Pitch Your Ideas to TV and Film Producers

Saturday, April 15, 2006

In addition to writing well, today’s screenwriters, novelists, playwrights and journalists must also be able to convince editors, producers, and publishers to read their work. Pitching your writing — and yourself — is an art that all professional writers must master.

In this interactive, fun workshop, you’ll learn how to pitch yourself and your writing with ease, and you’ll learn this art from an expert: independent film producer Suzanne Lyons. You’re also invited to bring a “raw” pitch for your screenplay, stage-play, novel, non-fiction book or article to the seminar and get personal feedback from our seminar leaders on how to polish and improve your approach.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to prepare yourself for the upcoming 2006 PitchFest and other career networking opportunities.

The “Life’s a Pitch” seminar will cover:
– Six essential stages of the pitch
– Keys to dynamic log lines
– How to pitch yourself and become a memorable writer
– How to make every pitch a win/win situation
– How to keep the power in your hands

SUZANNE LYONS has 25 years of experience in television and film. She served as V.P. of Marketing and Promotions for a Canadian television network where she created, produced and directed award-winning news and series programming. Lyons is also the co-founder, with Heidi Wall, of the Flash Forward Institute and has led hundreds of seminars for thousands of participants in the U.S. and Canada. She has been a guest lecturer at UCLA, USC, AFI, the Learning Annex, the Writers Guild, the Directors Guild, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Screen Actors Guild, Cinewomen in L.A., and Women In Film.

An independent film/TV producer, Lyons is the President of Snowfall Films, Inc. which has produced four movies including the British comedy “Undertaking Betty” (aka “Plots With a View”) starring Brenda Blethyn, Christopher Walken, Alfred Molina and Naomi Watts for Miramax. Snowfall also executive produced “Bailey’s Billions,” starring Jon Lovitz and Dean Cain, among others. She is also a producing partner in Windchill Films which develops and produces low-budget horror films and thrillers for DVD and video release.