Screenwriter’s Survival and Success Guide

Screenwriter’s Survival and Success Guide

Saturday, February 17, 2007

You wrote a screenplay. Now learn how to get a good agent, manager, producer, and deal.

Agent Victoria Wisdom has represented screenwriters as diverse as 2007 Oscar nominee writer/director Deepa Mehta (“Fire,” “Water”), Ernest Thompson (“On Golden Pond”), and Christopher McQuarrie (“The Usual Suspects”).

In this workshop, she will help you understand how to write scripts competitively for the studios, target trends, understand box office, and choose commercial subjects.

Learn how to collaborate and develop your material with development execs, producers and financiers, how to have a meeting with a studio executive that can hire you, and how to find and what to look for in your relationships with directors and actors.

Most importantly, how do you create longevity in a career that begins with the first sale?

Instructor Victoria Wisdom has been an agent and partner at the literary agency Becsey Wisdom Kalajian (BWK) for fourteen years. At BWK, she has represented the writers and directors of such films as “The Red Violin,” the British Oscar and NYC Film Critics winner “Love & Death on Long Island,” and the Berlin Film Festival Grand Prize winner “Italian for Beginners.” BWK agency clients have included such hits as “Crash,” “Million Dollar Baby,” and “The Fugitive.” Wisdom also sold the hit CBS drama series “Criminal Minds” and the film “Camille,” starring Sienna Miller.

In addition to Mehta, Thompson and McQuarrie, Wisdom has also represented director Bryan Singer (“X-Men”), Doug McGrath (“Bullets Over Broadway”), and Oscar winner Seth Winston (“Session Man”). Prior to working at BWK, Wisdom was an agent at International Creative Management and Agency for the Performing Arts.