Success Secrets of the Super Successful

Success Secrets of the Super Successful

“What I’ve learned about success representing the biggest stars in the world” – a workshop with celebrated media expert Michael Levine

Saturday, May 19, 2006

Whether you’re opening a pizza parlor in Peoria or trying to forge a successful career penning powerful prose (or poetry), successful people have traits in common. Is there something in their DNA? Can it be learned? Or is it a combination of both —  the nature vs. nurture argument.

You will get information and inspiration here that you can’t get anyplace else. Plus, expect an extensive Q&A session.

Media expert and public relations agency founder Michael Levine is the author of 17 books, including “Guerilla PR,” said to be the best-selling and most widely used introduction to PR book of all time. He is an industry expert who is frequently called upon by national media to provide PR insight into topical news and events.

As the founder of LCO (Levine Communications Office, founded in 1983), Levine has managed or overseen PR campaigns for leading personalities and corporations, such as Barbra Streisand, Charlton Heston, Robert Evans, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Nike, Sharp, and Pizza Hut. LCO has secured national and international results in virtually all major media outlets, including CNN, The Today Show, MSNBC, Entertainment Tonight, BBC, The New York Times, The London Daily Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, MTV, and Vanity Fair.

LCO publishes the online newsletter LBN News, with a daily circulation of 147,000 “influencers” throughout the U.S. and other countries. In addition, Levine writes a column, “My Town,” that appears weekly in the newspaper Entertainment Today. He has also written numerous articles and Op Ed pieces for newspapers and magazines.