Once a month, IWOSC hosts a panel to discuss writing and publishing topics.

The Marketplace for Ethnic Writers and Writing

Monday, Oct 30, 2006

Los Angeles is one of the world’s most culturally-diverse cities. But does that bode well for ethnic writers? Is the market for ethnic writing growing, or not? A multi-cultural panel of writers in a variety of genres will discuss their success stories and the most promising market segments, as well as exploring inter- and intra-cultural conflicts.

Moderator Julio Moran was part of the Los Angeles Times team of reporters, editors, and photographers who won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize For Public Service. The winning work was a 21-part series on Latinos in Southern California. Today, Moran is Executive Director of the non-profit Chicano News Media Association, and serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism teaching news writing and reporting.

Moderator: Julio Moran
Karen Grigsby Bates
James Lujan

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Magazine Top Editors Talk Trends

Monday, Sept 25, 2006

Los Angeles has become a hotbed for magazine publishing. Top editors will share the secrets of breaking into their publications. The editors will tell you how to get their attention, what department is most actively looking for fresh ideas, how to contact them, and each will provide a calendar of upcoming topics. This year’s guests TBA, but in the past IWOSC has hosted editors from such prestigious publications as Angeleno, Ms., Los Angeles Times Magazine, Bon Appetit, and People, among others.

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Collaborations: Writing It Right Together

What are the elements that make two (or more) pens better than one? In this IWOSC Monday night program, our speakers will share their insights and experiences related to the collaborative writing experience. We’ll explore why the writers chose collaboration, how writing partners and projects are found, tips for having a productive relationship, the ways collaboration differs from going solo, how the dynamics change when more than two people are pounding out words together, and more. The legal aspects of team efforts will also be reviewed.

Chick Lit

No, it’s not a chewing gum. And for IWOSC, it’s not just fiction for young women, though we certainly appreciate those gals who have gotten their stilettos through the door and published breezy, candy-coated romps.

This panel will discuss the many avenues of writing for the women’s market, both fiction and non-fiction, young and old, romantic and erotic, service-oriented and just plain fun. (Men, come find out how you can write for the women’s marketplace.)

Moderator: Anne Mosbergen
Produced by Anne Mosbergen, with assistance from Laura Meyers.

An Insider’s View of Agenting: Everything You Need to Know About Agents But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask

Monday, May 1, 2006

Ever think of getting an agent? Considering changing your representation? If so, this specially scheduled May agents panel is just right for you!

Our agent speakers will reveal what impresses them, as well as what turns them off. What are the winning qualities of those crucial query letters? What should you say during early conversations with agencies? How do you determine which agent is right for you in the first place? What are agents looking for today? We’ll also consider other aspects of the changing marketplace as well as cutting-edge parts of contracts.

Moderator: Robin Quinn
Sharlene Martin, Martin Literary Management
Attorney Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D.
Mark Pavlovich, Marian Berzon Talent Agency
Jenoyne Adams, Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
Paul Levine, Paul S. Levine Literary Agency

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SoCal Magazines in Focus: Top Editors Talk Trends

Los Angeles has become a new hotbed for magazine publishing, with new arrivals every month. The top editors from several of these new arrivals – including Ms., V Life, Angeleno and Create – will talk about the Los Angeles magazine scene and opportunities for writers in the pages of their publications. Each editor will describe what the magazine is broadly about, and what kinds of things it does cover and does NOT cover. The editors will tell you how to get their attention, what department is most actively looking for fresh ideas, how to contact them, and will provide a calendar of upcoming topics.

John Alan Schwartz, editor of The Big Picture
Alexandria Abramian-Mott, Editor-in-Chief of Angeleno Magazine
Ted Johnson, Deputy Editor of V Life
PJ Cannon, a contributor to Create Magazine
Michele Kort, senior editor of Ms. Magazine

Living for Words: Poets and Poetry in Southern California

On the eve of National Poetry Month, the Independent Writers of Southern California (IWOSC) hosts a panel of poets discussing the poetic life in Los Angeles.

Please join Keven Bellows, a Los Angeles teacher, and author of the poetry collection, “Taking Your Own True Name,” Sarah Maclay, the prize-winning author of three limited-edition chapbooks and the book “Whore,” Deborah Edler Brown, an award-winning poet and journalist, performer and storyteller, author and teacher, 1997 Head-to-Head Haiku champion, member of the 1998 Los Angeles Poetry Slam team and the 2005 recipient of the Sue Saniel Elkind Poetry Prize, and Catherine Daly, the author of two books of poetry, the trilogy “DaDaDa” (part of a long project entitled “CONFITEOR”) and the collection “Locket.”

The poets on the panel will share their work and shed some light on the life of a poet in Southern California. They will discuss the poetry (and readings) scene here, the business and publishing side of poetry (as in, can a poet earn a living at writing?), and how the discipline of writing poetry can improve other forms of writing.

Moderator: Jim Natal, curator and co-host of the long-running Poem.X monthly poetry series in Santa Monica.

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Self-Publishing for Profit

Today, self-publishing has become a legitimate and professional method of getting your book out into the marketplace. Whether you are establishing yourself as an expert to enhance a speaking career, to otherwise extend your credentials, or to simply sell books, self-publishing can be a smart choice.

Done right, self-publishing is cost-effective, quick compared to publishing houses’ normal timeframes, pays much better than standard royalty contracts, and lets you maintain control over the publishing process. Conversely, there are production costs, technical and software requirements that can take time to master, and distribution deals to strike. And, self-publishing also requires extensive self-marketing and promotion.

Our panel of experts will compare the pros and cons, risks and rewards, of mainstream publishing versus self-publishing, and reveal how self-publishing has worked for several authors.

Moderator: Gary Young
Joel Eisenberg
Rennie Gabriel
David Samson
John Seeley
Rob Schmidt

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