Once a month, IWOSC hosts a panel to discuss writing and publishing topics.

Ghostwriting and Written With Collaborations

Ghostwriting books for the business, academic, self-help, and biographical/memoir markets can be a lucrative way for someone with a firm skill set as a writer to establish their writing business, or just add an extra stream of income to fall back on. And almost every emerging journalist or movie/TV critic hopes to get a job as a “written with” on a celebrity or politician’s memoirs or book of ideas. So how do you go about it and get started? What’s involved, and how do you make your best impression?
This IWOSC Panel of top experts will address all that and more, as some of America’s top “ghosts” come out into the open, and share some of their top trade secrets. Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include…

Getting Ready to Publish Your Book

Getting ready to take your book out to the world? Wonderful! Got questions about how to go about getting published? Such as whether to publish yourself or try for a traditional publisher, and what the steps are for each? Our experts will talk about these questions and more, and provide a number of handouts to help you take concrete steps to get your unique voice heard.

How to Write Funny 2020

“Dying is easy; comedy is difficult,” especially these days. 
But we persist because we can. From the farces of Feydeau, Baudelaire, and Wilde, on to George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Larry Gelbart, Terry Southern, Paddy Chayefsky, and Norman Lear, right on through to Dave Chappelle, Mindy Kaling, and Stephen Colbert today, blistering social satire and, yes, even a few organic laughs are necessary for our sanity.
How do we incorporate humor and zest to spice up our memoirs, novels, and screenplays (especially if they AREN’T straight up comedies)?