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How to pay for your party admission

Thank you for your RSVP. Your reservation will be complete as soon as we receive your payment.

Remember, if you RSVP’d for more than one person on the previous page, you’ll need to pay for that person now, too.

Pricing (August 3 through August 9):
(no reservations accepted after August 9)

  • $33 per member
  • $33 for member’s 1st guest
  • $37 per non-member (and member’s 2nd guest)

Tour price:
$9 per person
$7 for those 65+

To Pay:

Pay online

We prefer you pay this way.
We use Paypal card processing; no log-in required.

You can use your credit card as normal or pay from your PayPal balance if you have one.

If you’re paying via someone else’s account or credit card or your name is not on your Paypal account, please find the Name of attendee arrow/field at the bottom so we know the payment is for you.

When you click Add to Shopping Cart, your shopping cart will appear at the top right. (If you’ve ordered any recordings or other items, the shopping cart already appears.) You can adjust quantities in the cart.


Members ($33 each)
[wp_cart_button name=”2017SummerParty_memLate” price=”33″]
Member ($33) + one $33 guest
[wp_cart_button name=”2017SummerParty_mem+guestLate” price=”66″]
Non-members ($37 each)
[wp_cart_button name=2017SummerParty_nonLate price=”37″]



$9 per person
Be sure to adjust the quantity for more than 1 person if responding for others.
[wp_cart_button name=2017Summer_tour price=”9″]

$7 per person if 65+
Adjust the quantity for more than 1 person 65+ if responding for others.
[wp_cart_button name=2017Summer_tour65 price=”7″]

Pay by check

The deadline for paying by check has passed. Fortunately, paying online is easy.

We look forward to seeing you in Hollywood!