Exciting News from IWOSC / PALA!

With great delight, we announce the merger of IWOSC/PALA with WPN, the Writers and Publishers Network, beginning March 15, 2024, and administered under the WPN banner. This joining of three literary nonprofits will benefit all the groups by offering more seminars, webinars, book fair participation, and meetings to an expanded national audience of WPN members.

Kathleen Kaiser, President of the Writers and Publishers Network, will head the board of the newly merged organization. Gary Young and Steven Sanchez are excited about Kathleen’s experience and leadership. They will be stepping down as President and Vice President but will remain on the Advisory Board. They will also continue as hosts for the Green Room and be involved in other activities.
A special Green Room meeting will be held on Monday, March 18. Kathleen Kaiser will join us and answer your questions.

What does this mean for IWOSC/PALA?

  • All IWOSC/PALA programs will continue, including monthly meetings, Green Room, Brainstorming, Satellites, IWOSC Reads Its Own, etc., as well as all WPN programs.
  • Membership prices will remain the same, with the option of changing as economic realities dictate.
  • Monthly meeting prices will remain the same, again with the option of changing as economic realities dictate.
  • Current Lifetime Members will continue as Lifetime Members with the same considerations as before. All Lifetime Memberships paid for before March 15, 2024, will be honored. No new Lifetime Memberships will be offered after that date.
  • WPN and IWOSC/PALA members and friends will share all events and programs originated by each entity.
  • Our associations with UCLA Extension and IWOC Chicago will continue, unchanged, sharing all benefits of IWOSC/PALA and WPN.
  • Members will all benefit from an enhanced ability to expand and update our programs.


How do I pay for my membership and meetings?

For now, we will accept payments to IWOSC/PALA or WPN, but ultimately WPN will process membership and meeting fees as the new governing entity.

How will I find out about meetings and other events?

If you are on our email list, you will receive announcements regularly, as you have in the past. The IWOSC/PALA website will also showcase the meetings on our home page at www.iwosc.org.

Will there be as many events as in the past?

There will be the traditional IWOSC/PALA events, plus the WPN events, which will result in more events for all three organizations.

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