Rewriting Secrets For Screenwriters

Rewriting Secrets For Screenwriters

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Get me rewrite! Screen scribe Tom Lazarus, author of Secrets of Film Writing and former IWOSC panelist, is back with a new book, Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters: Seven Strategies to Improve and Sell Your Work.

One of the important, if not the most important, parts of screenwriting is rewriting. Rewriting Secrets offers a comprehensive strategy for rewriting, some examples of actual rewrites, some hair-raising stories about nightmare rewrites, and a lot more — including a forward by Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Scott Frank.

Every screenwriter needs to rewrite — more than once, probably many times — to make the story work and then to make a sale. And then again later on, to please producers, studios, or stars. Lazarus — author of Stigmata, among other scripts — is a working screenwriter and teaches the Advanced Screenwriting Workshop at UCLA Extension. In this book, he’s distilled his own experience and that of other screenwriters into a system, in a book that is laced with humor and attitude as well as practical information.