Use Your Inner Resources For Creative And Productive Writing

Use Your Inner Resources For Creative And Productive Writing
with Hugh Leonard, creator of Interiority Powered

Saturday, September 28, 2013

This year at IWOSC, we are exploring several different and creative ways to approach the process of writing fiction and nonfiction. Our seminar leaders are all experienced teachers who approach the creative process with a particular gift, and they are all eager to pass along the gift to you.

Your writing is a reflection of who you are and who you are becoming. – Hugh Leonard

This illuminating workshop will let you:

  • explore your inner resources in the task of writing.
  • examine what is meant by inner resources.
  • explore steps in releasing those resources for creativity and productivity.
  • conduct a series of exercises aimed at experiencing various aspects of that productivity.
  • understand how to integrate those energies into the work of writing.
  • Participate in an extensive Q & A session regarding all aspects of Interiority and Writing

HUGH LEONARD was born in Ireland, educated in the U.S., and “Made in Japan.” During his 17 years in Japan as a Catholic priest/missionary, he founded and directed an industrial counseling non-profit for management development, high-performance teamwork, and effective collaboration between multiple-cultures in the workplace. At the same time, he taught at two universities, produced a biweekly radio program, and wrote five books in Japanese on interpersonal communications. His education includes Masters’ degrees in Asian Studies, Human Resource Development, Applied Theology, and Theology. He holds a certification in Executive Coaching from the Hudson Institute in Santa Barbara, and as a Spiritual Director from Stillpoint of Pasadena. He is a member of IWOSC.

He brings to his workshops outstanding training skills in three major cultures (Asian, European, North American), and fluency in Japanese. For eight years, Leonard has lectured on Business Ethics at University of California, Riverside Extension. He is a Workplace Ethics and Human Development Expert. “Interiority Powered” is the title of a book and a series of workshops that enable workers and organizations to achieve constructive outcomes through practices based on inspiration from within. He conducts periodic Interiority Powered workshops for writers in Los Angeles.