Winter party 2016

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Join us in the lap of architectural splendor as we get to know one another better and celebrate the holidays at the beautiful downtown Millennium Biltmore Hotel!

Sitting on half a city block right across the street from Pershing Square, it is centrally located in downtown Los Angeles.

We love its frescos, murals, embroidered tapestries, carved marble fountains and columns, lead crystal chandeliers, cast bronze stairwells and doorways and more.

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Writing History: Bringing It To Life

Monday, November 25, 2013

According to polls taken in the mid-1990s, 25% of college seniors could not pinpoint the date of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus; 40% couldn’t say when the American Civil War occurred, and fewer than 2% of American teenagers could name the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court — but for all this seeming historical ignorance, works of history often show up on non-fiction best-seller lists. Either the polls aren’t telling the whole story, or there is a fanatic minority out there who voraciously eats up anything to do with the past.

This month’s panel on writing history will look at what’s happening now about the unpredictable past and explore the motivation, research, writing and publishing that go into creating the chronicle of who we have come to be.

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