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If you’re a writer in the Los Angeles area or Southern California, at any level of your writing career, writing for yourself, for magazines or ezines, working a screenplay or editing copy, or working on a book — writing in any genre, we welcome you.

IWOSC provides writers of the greater LA or Southern California area with many opportunities to get together: seminars, panel and more! Our About page has more about the educational and informational events we offer for writers..


Our Upcoming Writers’ Events

Polishing your writing:
The Rewrite Desk

By request from our members who couldn’t attend last time, we’ve asked Greg Miller back. This time, he is joined by Ina Hillebrandt.

Finishing a draft of a book, script, or other written work is an awesome accomplishment – but we all know at least one more set of revisions will certainly follow because you probably won’t get it totally right on the first or second draft.

Assessment of a draft and deciding what to emphasize or cut is a very delicate stage of the writing process.

This seminar will cover methods and principles that you can apply to books, scripts, memoir, personal essays, speeches, storytelling, etc.

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Science Fiction and Fantasy Panel:
Writing the Future and Alternate Realities

This month we have an out-of-this-world panel for you.

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling authors will discuss science fiction and fantasy writing including worldbuilding and constructing alternate realities, genre bias in publishing, the explosion of Young Adult fiction, women and diversity in speculative fiction, writing dystopian books in the age of Trumpism, and how to translate books into film and TV.

The panel will also cover practical tips for writing speculative fiction and an insider’s perspective on the state of the publishing industry, especially as it pertains to Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) writing.

This Panel is being compiled and moderated by Jennifer Brody author of the award-winning novel The 13th Continuum (Turner Publishing) and the two subsequent Continuum books that comprise this epic trilogy.

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Satellites— Informal sessions for writers

IWOSC’s monthly drop-in satellite sessions are free and open to all writers — both members and non-members.

From Orange County to Pasadena to the San Fernando Valley, IWOSC has writers covered. Bring your writing, your ideas, problems, questions, and complaints. Receive support, laughs, juicy controversy, and plenty of networking. If there isn’t a satellite in your area, we welcome having you create one.

Our local area satellite groups for writers are: